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Susanna Carolusson, M.Sc., lic psychologist, lic psychotherapist, Certified University supervisor and teacher, hypnotherapist, body psychotherapist, organisational psychologist, ESTI-certified trainer & supervisor. Began her professional career in paediatrics 1979, continued in psychiatry with adults, then in private practice, and as organisational psychologist.

  • Doing counselling and psychological assessments in paediatrics in the seventieth, later in psychiatry as a clin. Psychologist, now in private practice since 25 years as a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and supervisor, director of education SSCH University and also as a management consultant

  • Has published various articles on hypnosis; scientific perspectives / indications and therapeutic flexibility / transference and countertransference in hypnotherapy / hypnosis and depressions / hypnosis and DID / evidence and the study of sciences/ a book on traumatic brain injury, rehabilitation and values

  • Responsible for the SSCH postgraduate psychotherapy and supervising educations, as a director and teacher

  • Honorary member of SSCH

  • Past President of SSCH

  • An often invited guest lecturer at the University in Gothenburg

  • Clinical consultant for Sahlgrenska University Hospital in a long term research project on hypnosis in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

  • Supervising consultant for staff in rehabilitation occupations

  • Speaker at conferences for neurological rehabilitation, due to her very existential books on this issue

  • Frequently invited lecturer at international psychological, medical and hypnosis conferences

  • Mastering and using the tools of CBT, solution-oriented hypnosis, body psychotherapy, reframing, etc., her wide experience has driven her towards an existential-psychodynamic framework in her practice. Accordingly, she has become critical to standardised clinical methods in research on psychotherapy and hypnosis. She has felt at home with authors such as Virginia Satir, Donald Winnicott, Frieda Fromm-Reichmann, Karen Horney, Milton Erickson, Erica Fromm and Helen & John Watkins. Not to forget open-minded colleagues and students!

  • 2012-cont. In the International Society of Hypnosis Credentials Committee for membership applications.

  • 2017–2018: Member of the International Society of Hypnosis 2018 Awarding Committee.

  • Awarded Honorary Fellowship in ESH for my contributions to the Society.

Formal training background

  1. Gothenburg University: Master of Science in Psychology. 1984

  2. Diploma from Swedish Society of Clin & Exp Hypnosis. 3 years of education. 1984

  3. PsykoterapiCentrum: Body oriented psychotherapist Certificate. 1986

  4. National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare: License as Psychologist. 1986

  5. National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare: License as Psychotherapist. 1989

  6. Certificate as supervisor and teacher of psychoanalytic orientation. 2004
    (Such a certificate is demanded by the Swedish Ministry of Higher Education,
    for supervising psychotherapy candidates.)



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