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Welcome to psychologist Susanna Carolusson.


Who I am:
I grew up in a time when Mrs. Anderson looked after the stairwell so that we children were not playing in the basement. I miss the moral courage and the social solidarity which then was considered a virtue. My teacher left us in the classroom and picked up Tommy in his home, when he skipped class. I shun those days’ respect for authority which was based on fear and defended as “good upbringing”. I love Kent Andersson's poems. Cornelis Vreeswijk was also nice.

I have many friends throughout the world and I feel that the Earth is relatively small and that the differences between continents are less than the differences between people - perhaps the greatest difference is between those who can question and those who cling to dogma. Both types are everywhere. Adorno was a wise sociologist who described this long ago.

It is primarily of professional reasons I care to have a website at all. I'm ambivalent to the web, blogging, and that almost all communication that used to be done through personal meetings, telephone or letter, is now online.

I sit at the computer in my spare time about 15 hours per week, primarily to answer email, to create publications and also to prepare my forthcoming lectures.

Therefore, I long to move around outdoors. And I do that every week, not least to keep me healthy. I love mountains, oceans and views. There I get spiritual nourishment and my mind creates its own vitality, from a state in which I do nothing but being there with my whole body. I am a psychologist and psychotherapist, educator and mentor. I think this is good enough, and I have not taken the title “coach”, but if that is what you prefer to me, you are welcome.

Events to come

Please see first page!


12-14 January. Lodz, Polen. Ego State Therapy. Advanced training, part 3. Lectures. Group- and Individual supervision.

15-21 February. Teaching basic hypnosis training for the Swedish Society of Hypnosis, in Valencia, Spain.

6 April. Teaching the 4th accredited specialist training in hypnosis for psychologists, 64 hrs.

5 May. Starting the 4th accredited Egos State Therapy training, 100 hrs.

11-13 May. Teaching and advising a recently founded hypnosis society based in Saint Petersburg.

August week 34: Teaching EST at the ISH congress in Montreal.

September 2018—February 2019: Ego State Training and supervision. 7 Saturdays.

22–25 August: In the faculty of teachers at International Society of Hypnosis, Congress, Montreal, Canada.

26 September—2 October: Basic Training in clinical hypnosis. Valencia. Language Swedish.

14–17 December: Sankt Petersburg. 4 days Basic clinical hypnosis, part 2. Co-teacher: Martin Wall, UK.


11 January 2019: Starting the third SSCH two years training program to certify Supervisors and Teachers of Psychotherapy, pedagogic and managers/teams. Imagery as an adjunct. Ackredited by Swedish psychologists Association.

17 May: Plan to start the next Ego State therapy training, for psychologists in specialist program, hopefully reaccredited by the SPF, May: Parallel Ego state training for psychotherapists and psychiatrists.

7–8 June: Invited to teach at the Ontario division of Hypnosis, Canada. Ego state therapy and Ericksonian approaches.

27–29 September: Lodz, Poland. Teaching part 3 of 6, in the second class for EST.

24–26 April: Lodz, Poland. Teaching part 6 of 6, in the EST class, to be certified by ESTI.


Interesting events behind us

March 30 - April 2. Ego State Therapy. Dissiciation and Trauma. Lectures and Supervison. Basic level, part 3. Lodz, Poland. Contact: mailto:

August, 24. Manchester. ESH World Congress. Acquired Brain Injury and PTSD, professional and personal experience.
August, 25. Manchester. How professional mistakes can unlock hidden potentials and be learning opportunities, for therapist and patient. A Two Voices Workshop together with Camillo Loriedo.

Sorrento (Amalfi Coast), Italy from 22 – 25 October 2014: I was invited to teach in a “Symposium on Ego State Therapy: From Trauma and Stress to Resource and Healing” at the European Hypnosis Society Conference.
Presentation. (Password: ego)

Cracow, Poland, June 12th – June15th 2014: Invited to teach at the V EUROPEAN CONGRESS of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, Hypnosis and Creativity in Psychotherapy. I will present Ericksonian hypnosis and Ego State Therapy combined; when and how?

I held a presentationd at the 1st International Congress in Medical Hypnosis 2013. The title of my presentation is: Dealing with family crisis after severe loss of function.

2008 I held a course in Italy with eight selected women from different countries. Our book Women's Voices by psychologist C. Casula as editor came out in 2009 (in Italian only, English translation will come later ).

In Gothenburg, I was invited to talk with relatives of people with disabilities. The air around a family group vibrates with emotion, despair, desire and power! Intense undertones are created in meetings with families of accident victims and/ or disabled people. I am grateful to the participants for their sincere dedication. I supervise psychotherapists and other treatment and health care professionals, and those working with disabled people. In May and December each year I usually am, in addition to regular activities, engaged as a teacher at the University of Gothenburg, psychology program’s final course in clinical practice. In autumn 2009, students from these courses continued in "Basic Course level 2 of hypnosis" in cooperation with SSCH (Hypnosis Association).

2008 SSCH Southern branch arranged with Danish Society for Clinical Hypnosis and Psychologist Association for Clinical Hypnose a Nordic conference on Treatment of stress with hypnosis. The keynote speaker was Professor Etzel Cárdena, myself and PhD, psychologist Gunnar Rosén.

Photo: Rome, XVIII Int Soc. Congress of Hypnosis. Bertil Vallien’s “Brains” is held up by the former President of ISH Eric Vermetten. Awardee: Psychologist Claude Virot from France.




Left: the Nominating Committee Chairman Peter Bloom and myself discussing the ceremony. Below: One of Europe's foremost researchers on hypnosis efficiency; Professor Walter Bongartz, University of Konstanz.

I have now been published in Italian! I can not read that language but those who can will get a very exciting reading about health and self-care with emphasis on the situation of women in Western cultures. The book has already sold over 1000 copies! See below Publications.

From 2008 - continously, I have lectured worldwide on topics such as: Acquired brain injury, integrity, psychotic reactions, crises, family situation and communication; (see my book on brain injury)
South Africa, Nepal, London; Royal Society of Medicine, Austria and Sweden.

Basic and advaced training in hypnosis are ongoing projects all the time.
I am the principle (or principessa? ;-) ) of a teaching faculty in SSCH Gothenburg and we really enjoy teaching hypnosis to clinical psychotherapists.

Swedish Psychology Students are really proactive! 2010 and 2011 they have arranged a student conference in the format of an amazing "Open Space"! I joined as a representative of SSCH and I admire the students’ initiative and organisational capacity.

I got published in the Newsletter for the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, with a clinical article on burnout and hypnosis. I received so much positive feedback from readers, among them this one from PhD. Brent Geary:

Congratulations on the very nice "How I Use Analytical Analysis in Hypnosis to Treat Burnout" article in the most recent ASCH Newsletter. You write splendidly. It was organized, and really informative.
Your approach is gentle, respectful, and obviously effective. I am most impressed by the clarity and insight of your writing. This is one of the best professional pieces I have read in 10 years!

Attachment is in original manuscript version: Burnout and Analytical Hypnosis.

My book There is Someone in There is now for sale.

Reviews: There is Someone in There

I have been lecturing a lot after this first book was published; on brain injury, trauma, PTSD and psychotic reactions, what it means to have cognitive impairments after brain injury and the complicated grief that family members have difficulties to express. My second book on brain trauma and PTSD, published in Swedish 2011, will be translated before the end of 2012.

PURCHASE: More information here!

2011: We – some of the Watkins’ former students and now teachers of Ego State Therapy formed an international council for Ego State therapy educations and research – ESTI (Ego State Therapy International). The formal leading committee is: Woltemade Hartman president, Gordon Emmersson vice president, Eva Ferstl secretary, Matthias Mende ISH representative, Susanna Carolusson, coordinator of training programmes.

Brain trauma, psychosis and a meaningful life: Being present. (2012, Recito Förlag)

Reviews: Brain trauma, psychosis and a meaningful life: Being present

“This book is important! This is three books in one: a scientific report of the care of a brain injured adult, an endearing love story, and a Sherlock Holmes detective story. The three themes combine to build a meaningful life. ...“


Carolusson S & Sandemose H (2017) Hypnosis and Ego State Therapy. HypnoKairos webzine no 6.

My teaching outside Sweden 2012-2013

March 10-11: 2 days seminar in Glasgow for the British Society of Medical Dental Hypnosis –Scotland.

October, 17-21: ISH Bremen. I will present 3 lectures. 1. Ego state therapy seminar with Hartman. 2. Women hypnotherapists with Julie Linden as chair. 3. Healing factors of hypnosis…
See and the link to this congress, for further details.

November, 16-17: Deutsche Gesellshaft für Hypnose. I will give one workshop and one lecture; Burn Out syndrome and Hypnosis.

February, 21-23 Pretoria and 25-27 Cape Town, 2013 I am invited to teach again for MEISA-SA, on Ego State Therapy (South Africa).

My teaching outside Sweden 2014-2016

You will find where I was teaching what on the Swedish page, click here!


My audio files

I have now released a requested program for relaxation, stress management and healing visualizations for various conditions. You can order my audio files directly from me, and I will mail the one you order and send you an invoice.

Audio files

1. Short break from stress (kind of mindful relaxation to decrease stress)

2. Deep relaxation (a deep power nap lying down)

3. Performance affirmations (prepare yourself before chairing a meeting, teaching, giving a speech, etc)

4. Going to sleep (listen while going to sleep)

5. A vacation from stress for body and mind.
Purpose: To get rid of stress in order to recover from pressure, overload or worries and activating natural healing resources in a deep rest.

6. A healing imagery.
Purpose: To help your body strengthen its natural resources towards health and balance.

7. Soothing your irritable bowels
Purpose: Harmonizing motility and reframing or decreasing pain, for people with IBS diagnosis.

8. Calming down an over active immune system
For people with oversensitive, inflammatory reactions, like eczema, arthritic and autoimmune conditions; IBS, IBD, hay fever, etc. All conditions must be diagnosed and controlled by a medical specialist. This tool is an adjunct to medical care and a psychological method for influencing physiological over reactions.

The recordings have the purpose to help you relax and stimulate your natural healing resources, calming down such physical and mental stress that impairs healing. There is no "best technique" for this. "The best" is individual and situational; therefore you will attend specifically to those of my suggestions, which fit your needs and way of finding comfort in the actual moment of listening. You will remember different things of what I’ve said at different times of listening to the same track.

Regular use will contribute to your coping skills regarding stress and self care.

I recommend a frequent use until it becomes internalized into a habit of using everyday opportunities for finding a balanced way of living. In order to exercise your self-care skills, use this tool frequently in your most busy periods!


Each audio file costs 5 euro.
E-mail your order to 

How to pay from Europe:
Write your email address for the delivery of a zipped file, and the invoice address, if different.

How to pay me from outside Europe:
Just mail me.

N.B! As a licensed psychologist, licensed psychotherapist and member of the ISH (International Society of Hypnosis) I have the obligation to secure that my services - this program - is used according to professional code of ethics. For some people with an "overload" of strain, relaxation can cause discomfort, if not combined with counseling or individual support.
I also ask you to respect copyright.




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